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List of all Town ordinances:

  • Ordinance Prohibiting the Shooting of Any Firearm, Air Rifle, ...(Adopted March 1952)
  • Trailer Ordinance (Adopted July 1979)
  • Ordinance Granting Real Property to the Commonwealth of Virginia (Adopted January 1992)
  • Ordinance Setting a Procedure for Selling Public Real Property Belonging to the Town of Charlotte Court House (Amended April 1992)
  • Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Ordinance (Adopted July 1992)
  • Community Antenna Television Franchise Ordinance (Adopted September 1993)
  • Noise Control Ordinance (Adopted October 1994)
  • Ordinance Changing the Due Date for Local Taxes (Adopted May 1997)
  • Revised Electric Consumers Utility Tax Ordinance (Adopted October 2000)
  • Joint Powers Association Agreement Ordinance (Adopted April 2002)
  • Uniform BPOL Ordinance (Adopted April 2002)
  • Ordinance to Approve the Lease of Space on a Town Owned Water Tower (Adopted May 2004)
  • Weed Ordinance (Amended October 2004)
  • Nuisance Ordinance (Amended October 2004)
  • Junior Firefighter Ordinance (Adopted November 2004)
  • Ordinance Changing Election Date (Adopted November 2005)
  • Personal Property Tax Relief (Adopted January 2006)
  • General Obligation Water Bond for $1,200,000 (Adopted January 2007)
  • General Obligation Water Bond for $438,000 (Adopted September 2008)
  • Ordinance Affirming Officer Thomas Galbreath Is And Has Been The Town Sergeant For Town of Charlotte Court House (Adopted September 2008) (Re-Adopted November 2008)
  • Ordinance Adopting State Law in the Regulation of Motor Vehicles and Traffic (Adopted September 2008) (Re-Adopted November 2008)